How it works

A simple, yet effective process to get your yacht from A to B

How It Works

Following your initial contact, we will provide you with a quote for the requested passage. If you are happy with the quote provided and we have answered all questions to your satisfaction, we can start to make arrangements. The first thing we do is to ask you to check with your insurance company that they are happy for the delivery to take place and that the crew are adequately insured for the voyage. Then after receiving your deposit and signed Letter of Authority. If required, Tony Agar can also advise and help you to prepare your vessel for sea.

On arrival at the vessel we will conduct a thorough inventory, including a check of all safety equipment, ensuring flares, life raft and fire extinguishers etc. are all in date. If everything is OK and the weather is suitable, then the vessel will depart and make the best possible passage. A detailed and regularly updated log will be kept and sent to you on completion.

In addition to any AIS you may have, the vessel’s position will be relayed to you by our satellite tracking device throughout its journey so that you can keep up to date with our progress. On arrival, your vessel will be cleaned and left in the same condition you left it in. A full yacht delivery report will be sent to you, along with a personal hand over if required.

catana 55 catarmaran being delivered
Spirit 60 Yacht delivered across Biscay



Once aboard your vessel, our crew will spend up to 2 days preparing and ensuring that they are familiar with the boat's systems and that all are functioning properly, so that the boat is 100% ready for the passage.



Weather permitting we will maintain a safe rate of progress towards your desired destination in order to complete the journey within the agreed timescale. You'll receive 2 daily reports of your yacht’s location by email, together with a copy of the detailed log on completion.



Once the yacht is delivered, you’ll receive a full and detailed report on your vessel, it’s systems, and a photograph of your boats condition. If there’s no need for a formal handover, we can organise every stage of the delivery process.